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Dirt Carpet #4- Massive Manufacturing (Bangladesh)
Dirt Carpet #4- Massive Manufacturing (Bangladesh)
Bricks, wasted brick ash

The concept is base on the issue of the garment factory building collapsed in Sava Bangladesh in 2013. The workers were required to continue their job in dangerous environment, and it killed over a thousand employees eventually. Those employees are almost young women. The site-specific installation was constructed by a large numbers of bricks and wasted brick ash on the floor with the repeating image of sewing garment tailors. It brings out the awareness of human rights and environment security that refers to the problems of modernization of the massive production around the world. The audiences were welcome to walked on it in the end of the exhibition.

The work is part of " 3rd Multidisciplinary Art Show- Human Ecology & Art - Possibility of an aesthetic science, Santaran Art Organization, Chittagong Bangladesh, 2017 Dec 26 ~ Dec 30