Ya-chu Kang
Winter Olympics Vancouver Lantern Festival- Art exchange residency program, Canada

When I visited Vancouver in the summer of 2009, the architectures and natural environment inspired me a lot. At the same time, I am also fascinated by the social issue, such as new constructions for Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics, new transportation system and the citizen status here. I had an experience that sharing the studio space with friends and the space was located on East Hastings. Therefore, I use the house as the element to show my concept of living and protecting. The iron frame shows a slanted house and hanging a tent inside. They present a kind of unstable situation and security consideration. Through the materials I used interpreted another view of beauty which like the mosaic block pattern made by the caution sheeting combined Taiwan and western styles. It is kind of subtle to mention about happiness and despair. The shadow projects out from the tent are the silhouettes from my experience at the English Bay. It presents the relationship and interaction between society and residents.
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