Ya-chu Kang is a multidisciplinary artist working with various media; she lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan and in Bangkok, Thailand. Her practice focus on questioning the circumstances the relationship between human and natural, and the social issues.

Kang conduct her art and research base on textile cultural history and contemporary social behavioral appearance, discuss the relationship between workmanship skill and physical labor, life condition and migration possibility, economy trade and social structure. How the modernity today influences on tradition, economy systemic and natural environment? Her travel and residency experience have implicitly shaped her perception, the themes often reflect of boundary, life and process. This allows her to explore the possibilities of self-awareness and sustainability states within each project.

Kang is a recipient of 2007 Freeman Fellowship Program of Vermont Studio Center in USA, 2008 Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Program, 2014 Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation Fellowship Program and various AIR Fellowship for her cultural research traveling around the world. She has exhibited works locally and internationally since 2006, in Japan, Europe, North America and South Asia, and has researched textile culture in Japan, Peru, Thailand, and India. Her publications include Textile Map, Volumes 1, 2 and 3. She also engages in art education and community collaboration projects.