Ya-chu Kang
Ya-chu Kang is a Taipei-based artist. Her work explores issues of identity, the relationship between human and natural and the social environment through mix-media sculpture, site-specific installation, land art, video, drawing, photographs, textile research and collaboration.

Environment and life has always been interest for Kang, and how the materials relate to the body and physical perception. Observing different culture and tradition on her keep going travel experiences, she discovered that the similarities of social systems and many discarded resources that can be easily found and re-examined. Her art reflects the historical meaning and the ontological vale of the object itself. Described as 'simulation form' the work eliminates the boundary between usable items and sculpture - the functional and the aesthetic. The materials themselves have nostalgic senses and original meaning perhaps hidden from their symbolism.

Kang has exhibited internationally since 2006, in Japan, Europe, North America and South Asia.