Sculpture Installation > Environment Sustainability

Residency in Accident Gallery Project, Eureka, Going Green Environment Show, Accident Gallery, USA

The work presents the superiority complex of human. People create a lot of product and produce a lot of pollution. Especially use a large number of fossil fuel, such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. These increase the carbon dioxide faster and cause of global warming. Therefore, human is the biggest murderer to damage our environment. However, we still like to publicize how greatness and powerful of being a human. The sculpture will be a humane skeleton made by recycle plastic sheeting and filled by all kinds of recycle rubber materials, and this skeleton will wear a cape overcoat that look like superman. It will show a darksome view with a warning signal. The cape overcoat will be stitched or knotted by all kind of industrial material. The sculpture will be hanging in the space but quite close to the ground, it will be a falling position. It will be an installation combine with some soft weapon sculpture also.