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A Carrying Pole
A Carrying Pole

Britto International Artists’ Workshop Fellowship, Briitto Arts Trust, Bangladesh

A carrying pole seems to hold everything that belongs to one’s daily life. The two sides of the pole may carry different belongings, but what matters most is the balance between these two ends. I’m trying to figure out the balance between these two ends in a larger context.
My carrying pole is a simple bamboo post that is tied with two baskets; one is made from a readymade paper pouch and the other is woven with printed paper, mostly collected from advertising.
What also fascinates me about Bangladesh is the capacity to recycle old memories into a brand new story - like old school workbooks that take a new form to become paper pouches for daily use. The use of paper bags and baskets are not only the outcome of this fascination but also my desire to relate my experiences with everyday people who somehow, somewhere, are always seen with bags in their hands.
The two ends of my carrying pole represent the reality and fantasy of life. The balance is a continuous struggle for all of us. Installed in the shelter in the exhibition place, my work invites viewers to realize this and restart their journey after some relaxation.