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Snow coat-detail
Snow coat-detail
Plastic sheeting, cotton thread, snow, hanger, photo

Residency in Vermont Studio Center Project, USA

Snow is soft as cotton and can fill any space, conforming to its environment. People like the prettiness of the snow even though they get tired of the cold weather. Human existence in the world is similar to the materials that make up the universe. Bodies wrapped in clothes are similar to things left outside under plastic tarps, but have different meanings because humans have psychological and physiological functions. The clothes in “Snow Coat” are made of the same plastic that is used to protect things from the snow; when you wear them, they look like normal clothes but diverge, actually, because they are packed with snow. It’s ridiculous because the cold, freezing snow takes on warm and comfortable functions. When wearing the “Snow Coat”, you gradually adapt and reverse the normal value of judgment.