Ya-chu Kang
Transparent House
Plastic sheeting, caution sheeting, thread, grass, camping nail
My idea comes from the things happening in Vancouver before the 2010 Olympics. The Canadian government wants to make Vancouver become an international beautiful city in the world, and presents the bright side to the visitors from all over the world. There are a lot of new buildings and new transportation systems, and of course including the athletes village and hotels. On the other hand, the government has another strategy that will be sending the homeless people to another city that might be 2 hours away from Vancouver during the period of Olympic. When I heard about this issue, I am considering about the problems of those habitants. There were a lot of mental hospitals shut down because of the decrease budgets of government few years before, it cause many people who have mental problem are kicking out from the hospital and without a place to stay. The materials I used in the work present their own meaning (Plastic sheeting as protecting, caution sheeting as warning), and the form of house represents the issue. The transparent house is an unstable tent, the state of the homeless people is similar with the condition of the hanging house in the space.
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