Ya-chu Kang
Absent identity
I feel my body and mind are empty within this year of disarray. No matter where I am, I constantly have the sense of isolation when I face any situation. The future is so blurred, seeming an empty space without anything inside. The installation presents 12 pieces of absent figures. I have derived these forms from the military outfits that appear in memorial halls. They have the specific signification of a country and are photographed a lot by tourists. Therefore, the work transforms the serious status and becomes an empty atmosphere, and the sculptures look like many clear wax figures in the museum. Combining this missing identification with the symbolization of the nation presents an irrational aspect. Thus, the installation displays a desolated aura, partly hidden and partly visible hanging in the space. I use a kind of poetry tinged with pathos to express my feeling of indistinct consciousness in this generation of self-nature.

Photo location: Stock20, Taichung, Taiwan
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