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Carry an Object with You- version 3
Carry an Object with You- version 3
Tracing paper, salt, video Projection, printed fabric, thread, candles, speakers, sound: Casio CTK-3000-synthesizer, Stagg acoustic guitar, RP-50 effect pedal, BOSS SP-303, Z00M R-16 recorder, home made instruments, amplified objects, violin pick-up, piez
Variable dimensions

The separation between life and death, known and unknown is valued and dealt with in many ways from Western and Eastern cultures through the humans’ imagination and complex practices of burial ceremonies, rituals and superstition. People try to send wishes, thoughts, memories and love using daily objects from the real world to send to another world with the deceased after death. In the Carry an object with you project, we keep developing our research with traditional funerary practices abroad and invite people to participate.

If you could take only one thing with you when you die what would it be?
All the participators are photographed in the nude holding the object they would take with them after death in front of their face. The identity is eliminated from the participant and makes the object become more important. The photographs are projected onto a sculptural installation and accompanied by a sound composition.

Collaboration: Christian Nicolay & Ya-chu Kang

The installation was display at Community Art Space, Hangzhou, China