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Dirt Carpet # 1- The Loop  (Thailand)
Dirt Carpet # 1- The Loop (Thailand)

Sculpture Installation

Materials: Ready-made daily baskets, bamboo, coconut leaves, wire, dirt

Culture and Social Costs Project- International Art and Design Workshop and Exhibition

Khon Kaen University, Thailand

“The Loop” represents a constant circulating cycle that is echoed in the form of the horn. It was inspired from experiencing the architecture and temples during my stay in Thailand. It is very common to see the shape of a triangle roof and the tiptop of the tower. The symbol of the triangle expresses the beginning, the midpoint and the end, and often relates to the Trinity of God, which can be found in many different ancient cultures. It describes the theorem of life and I responded to it via the way of weaving. The sculpture is made by various daily bamboo baskets that all connect together by various sizes. I was drawn to the everyday day use of bamboo baskets as a traditional technology and life style. The dirt carpet installation on the floor is from traditional textile patterns that have their own particular meaning. During the opening, people were invited to walk around the sculpture installation area thereby altering the order in the patterns by shifting around the dirt with their walking. This process reflects the status of the cycle among the world.