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Earthy Weaving Undertaking
Earthy Weaving Undertaking
Branches, tree bark, hemp rope, rattan, reed, etc. Auro natural paint

Inspired by the homophones in Mandarin of the Festival theme "A Tribute to Tides" (Gan Chao) and (Gan Chao Liu), which means follow the crowed. Earthy Weaving Undertaking aims to explore the current condition of the fashion industry and reveal the serious social and environmental problems beneath it. Have you ever thought of the true cost when purchasing a trendy piece with low prices? Ethical issues like labor exploitation, heavy metal contamination, waste water dumping are actually interwined with these fast fashion products.
A loom is installed among woods to represent the interdependence between human and environment in traditional culture. Hemp ropes are used to warp the loom and natural fibers found in Guandu Nature Park are woven on it to create a “sea and mountain pattern” in traditional Chinese weaving and embroidery. The rolling waves and straight up cliff symbolizes the good fortune and longevity, which reminds us of the value of our coexistence with nature and embodies the sustainable spirit of the Festival.

The work os part of the Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival 2015, Taipei, Taiwan

Special thanks for all the staffs and volunteers who help to made this installation.
The work used the natural paint from Auro.