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Padding through the Divide
Padding through the Divide

Äkkigalleria Residency Project, Jyväskylä, Finland


Portable Walls: Christian Nicolay & Ya-chu Kang
Vaasankatu 10, Jyväskylä
28. – 31.10.2015
open 12–19, and 11–16 on Saturday

Collaboration with Christian Nicolay

The work created in Jyväskylä for Äkkigalleria 35, focuses on issues that have recently been at the forefront in current social and political debates including:
Borders and Boundaries
Borders without Boundaries
Spatial histories
Temporal Permanence
Cultural landscape
Cultural mosaic
Perpetual Intersections
The artists approach their work with these subjects in mind to create a new body of work. Allowing the viewer to experience these difficult issues from the visceral and intellectual perspective of art.

Important dates
Thursday, October 22nd, at 2pm at the Craft Museum of Finland
A lecture: "Textiles from different countries and how they relate to my art" by Ya-chu Kang.