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Flower Gynoecium
Flower Gynoecium
Pornographic comic book paper, wrapping paper, handmade paper, Taiwanese culture paper, paper doilies, glue
35.4 x 30 x0.5 cm

With pages from Asian adult comics and Western Marvel comics, the models of flowers are formed to represent the relationships between female and male, oriental and western, nature and human. The petals and pistil in full bloom are transformed into gracefully swirling skirts and the attractive leg postures, the token of female qualities. Meanwhile, the grass by the blossoming flowers symbolizes companionship and symbiosis, the token of male qualities. On the one hand, it is an interpretation of objectifying the female under current social values. On the other hand, it is a way to indicate the surprising similarity of relationships between male and female both in nature and human society. Out of instinct and sub-consciousness, the shared experience corresponds to natural disciplines. Comics, removed narratives and written words, with merely lines and patterns left provide viewers with free imaginations about natural images and human bodies, and about organisms reproducing.