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Cotton Research Project-Chapter IV
Cotton Research Project-Chapter IV
Multimedia including large format printing, plant specimen, wooden material, cloth, paper, acrylic board, and etc.
Space Installation

Cotton Research Project-Chapter IV - Mapping the Visible and the Invisible

Based on the timeline displayed horizontally recording the significant historical facts of society and politics in Taiwan and the chronicle of textile, the work incorporates the migration routes of registered citizens in Taiwan, material trade, and the impression of geographic map. The artist links and interlaces different eras, spaces, and dimensions in order to provide clues and guides for the visitors in the exhibition as well as propose a broader way of thinking to see things.

Collaboration : Quan Xing Tatami, Junmay Label & Textile, Guanhe Quilt
Special Thanks: Bauchigung, Ling-He Elementary School, Xiangmao Fiber Co.