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Historical events are memories of human development. How to learn from or be past experiences is branded in our heads. Alternatively, they can blow away like a cloud of smoke and vanish into the wind. Feelings of different generations towards history are separated by a deep chasm. They are also like strips of barbed wire and steel cables, carving out different time and space.
By contrasting the present society and the past, will it continue to rotate? When everyone is reminiscing the passing of time and space, I make use of techniques that describe the future in response to the past.
My installation presents a machine as the carousel in Disneyland with the playful voice and carousel music. The brisk melody and the joyous atmosphere in the park is created. However, this in fact echoes stories or events that have already happened. The entertainment facility is vibrantly decorated, each metal structure has a metal hook that is used to hang various hollow objects. The sculptures include 12 items, such as military uniform, Chuang Shan Suit, cheongsam, western suit, horse toy, teddy bear, child’s clothes, aboriginal uniform, suitcase, vest and shoes, rabbit and deer doll, and army pack. It seems like an absent game, a mourning of extravagance and also represents a sense of uncertainty and perplexity towards the future.

Photo location: 228 Massacre 62th anniversary Art exhibition, 228 park, Kaohsiung, Taiwan