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Cut the Hair, Tie the Braids
Cut the Hair, Tie the Braids
Hair, fiber, wool, acrylic light box, paper, toy eyes and nose

This hair received for this project comes from hair donations from participants. Through the imagination and interpretation of artistic creation, the work alters the meaning of a physical loss in the action of “cutting,” and turns it into a physical action of giving. Human hair carries differences in color and other distinctions due to factors such as race and age. As the exchange of culture and the progress of time take place, hair reveals the differences in identity, religion and social status, and has come to symbolize the aesthetic views of different cultures and times. The artist hopes to discuss the connection and relation between hair and life as well as identity and culture through this work. After the exhibition, extending the value of the collected hair, it will also be donated for making wigs for cancer patients that are undergoing chemotherapy.

*Special thanks to Chen Anna, Huang Yi-wen, Huang Yun-qiao, Li Ru-you, Li Su-qing, Lin Xia-he, Ou Jia-qi,Wu Xiao-qi, Xun Meng-qiao and other donors who wish to remain anonymous. After the exhibition, part of the collected hair will be donated to Hope Foundation for Cancer Care for making wigs. (Names are listed in alphabetical order of the family names.)