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Paddling through the Divide- Tainan version
Paddling through the Divide- Tainan version
Book pages, tape, mix-media, salt

Project by Ya-chu Kang & Christian Nicolay

"Somewhere In Between The Boundaries", Absolute Space for The Art, Tainan

In “homo mensura theory”, humankind is the measure of all things, and everything is relative to human apprehension and evaluation. Without humankind, the images describing human activity in nature are incomplete. However, the existence of humankind is merely adventitious. There is no objective truth and standards due to different viewpoint and experiences might result in different cognitions. This piece of work transforms measures into knots and circles. By employing the vegetable fibers of pine trees, black and white short-edged paper lines form the
structure and outlines of sketches in the air. The color black and white contrast to each other. With the shadows made by lights, a clear mark is complete to connect and tell stories and plots they tend to offer.