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Paddling through the Divide- Tainan version
Paddling through the Divide- Tainan version
Book pages, tape, mix-media, salt

Project by Ya-chu Kang & Christian Nicolay

"Somewhere In Between The Boundaries", Absolute Space for The Art, Tainan

Physical movement stimulates the sense and sensation about environment. Journeys bring in cross-cultural impacts. Thus, common items might be transformed to be symbols of extremes under certain circumstances. The art works on this exhibition are meant to stir discussions about people and environments, about the status and phenomenon caused by boundaries, which cut and divide a whole into parts. The boundaries here could be those which define nations and lands, new and old, nature and human, journey and settlement, black and white, life and death. I try to explore the connections and meanings built on medium and culture via commonly-seen daily items, such as shoes, comic books, cloth, threads, etc. It is my attempt to reflect on the connections between personal experiences and living environment; in addition, it embodies my sense and sensation on modern as well as traditional textile fabrics.