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Chapter II - Silk Trilogy - Condensation (Kuni)
Chapter II - Silk Trilogy - Condensation (Kuni)
Silk, cocoons, threads, wool, cotton, printed photographic, recycle worker gloves, recycle bowls and chopsticks, rice shells, light bulb

“Silk Trilogy” project is a poem about life and time, journey and living. Gunma used to be a sericulture area in the past and Kuni- Akaiwa is an important preservation district of traditional sericulture buildings. Silk in my sculpture installation represents the relationship between workmanship skill and physical labor, life condition and migration possibility, economy trade and social structure. I am not only interested in silk material per se; I am interested in the cultural value and social topic for discussion associated with the textile. The project contains three parts, which are Compass, Condensation and Cue. Compass symbolizes a guiding principle and pulsating, Condensation shows the transformation and absent along with the passage of time, and Cue elaborates the contemplation and reminder of the future.

Location: Kaiko’s House (Former Silk-worm Farm House), Choei’s hiding place “Yumoto-ke” (3F)
laborates the contemplation and reminder of the future.